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Gifts For The Big Day | Your 18th Blog
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Turning 18 is no small thing. In the UK it is the most important birthday. At 18 you can drink, vote and gamble, although not necessarily in that order. You are officially recognised as an adult and therefore can and will be treated as such, by everyone from your parents to the police.

So how do you go about celebrating this momentous occasion? Most commonly, people head straight for the pub, proudly displaying their ID as proof that they are now a grown up and thus allowed to drink alcohol on the premises.

However, this is a rather overdone birthday celebration and surely you want to do something more special and unique on such an important day? There is a whole range of exciting experiences on offer that can turn the average into something spectacular and truly memorable.

For girls, sorry women, if they love to shop then a VIP personal shopping experience is ideal. Not only will they be told exactly what looks best on them, the assistance acts as a personal stylists giving you unlimited access to all the latest trends and fashions.

If you wardrobe is in need of a grown up make over, the wardrobe detox session should do the trick. You’ll get help pulling out and throwing away the worst of your clothes and advice on how to rework your favourite items. Plus you will have the opportunities to buy new clothes to replace the old ones.

Does the 18th birthday girl fancy herself as the next Cheryl Cole or Rihanna? If so, a recording studio experience should go down a treat. You’ll get time in the studio with professional producers as well as your own CD. This is great fun to do in a group too.

Turn boys into men with a supercar driving experience. You’ll get taught how to drive at high speed then have a good around a real race track, followed by a lap as a passenger with a professional racing test driver.

Does the 18th birthday boy fancy himself as a superstar DJ? If so, head to the Ministry of Sound in London for a DJ master class from the clubs very own professional DJs. You’ll even get to blast your sound out of the club’s amazing sound system. Bring your friends along to join in the fun.