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18 With A Difference | Your 18th Blog
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In the UK, turning 18 is a big deal. In fact, unlike other countries, particularly the US, it is of much more importance than turning 21. At 18 you officially become an adult. You can be treated in a completely different way, not just by your parents, but by employers, the government and the law. You are able to take on a lot more responsibility and you are even given the right to vote. But for most newly-turned 18 year olds, the biggest bonus is being able to drink. You can walk into a bar and feel proud about getting your ID out to show the door staff, because yes, you are legally allowed to step foot in that pub and purchase a drink from the bar.

Most 18th birthday parties therefore seem to revolve around drinking and partying. You don’t need to sneak alcohol in to a house party hoping your parents won’t find it. You can go out and legally enjoy yourself. But although this is almost like a rite of passage for British 18 year olds, it often seems a little overrated and anti-climactic when you are actually out there doing it, so there are potentially much more fun things to do to mark your 18th.

Seeing as you are now an adult, you can head off on holiday by yourself. So why not pack up your bags, and your best friends and head off into the sunset for a week. This doesn’t need to be booze fuelled either, unless you want it to. You can instead travel to more unusual places that are off the beaten track allowing you to take full responsibility for your actions.

Once you finish collage you could go travelling. A year away isn’t just a great treat after working hard through school and collage but its also a time to grow up, learn about the world and yourself and come back a more mature and responsible adult after having a lot of fun too of course.

Another alternative is to do something you no longer need ‘adult’ permission for, because you are now the so-called responsible adult. Try skydiving or bungee jumping or take a luxury car for a spin.

If you really want to celebrate you newfound drinking legality, go on a beer, whisky or wine tasting day. Not only will you learn a lot, but you’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

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