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18th birthday ideas suggested by visitors

  • Organise a picnic in a special or relaxing environment with close family and/or friends

  • A video montage of memories together

  • Have a big birthday party for family and friends

  • Give them money to spend on whatever they want!

  • Go to a theme park with a group of friends

18th Birthday Cakes For Girls

If you hadn't guessed already we love 18th birthdays and what's...

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Zombie Fun For 18th Birthdays

Terrifying figures shambling towards you, groaning unintelligibly,...

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Your 18th - 18th Birthday Gifts & Ideas

Welcome to the land of all things 18th birthday related. We have searched the internet high and low to bring you the very best 18th birthday gifts, 18th birthday presents, experiences and 18th ideas. This 18th birthday website is constantly being updated and we are confident that you will leave this site full of 18th birthday inspiration! Be sure to check out the 18th birthday ideas section and maybe even submit a few more  birthday ideas for us to consider.

Becoming 18 years old is officially the day you become an adult here in the uk. You can legally do pretty much anything when you're 18 which is why you should celebrate your 18th birthday in style and make it one to remember. Have a look at our 18th birthday presents section if you are looking for 18th birthday gifts for him or her, or if you need a little 18th birthday inspiration have a look around our 18th birthday ideas and things to do section.

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