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18th Birthday Or 21st Birthday - Which Is 'Biggest'? | Your 18th Blog
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Years ago a 21st was more significant as it was the age that once reached gave you the full window of opportunity. You were considered an adult at 21 as you were able to vote and get a mortgage. These days in the UK you can do everything at 18 years of age. Once 18 you can do things such as drinking, voting, gambling and buying cigarettes, however in the USA you still need to be 21 to legally do these things.

The only thing that you’re allowed to do at 21 that your not allowed to do at 18 is enter certain night clubs that hold a policy encouraging the older generation to enter or keep teenagers out! In countries such as India, twenty one is the minimum age of a male who is officially permitted to marry. Similarly, the minimum age for girls is 18 years.
After asking many teenagers, the general consensus was that the 18th was the big birthday and was most important. I found this rather interesting as many 19-20 year olds tend to think this way about being 21.

Here are a few golden rules to take note of no matter what your plans are for your 18th:

  • Doing something is always better than doing nothing! Even if its just going to the cinema or getting a takeaway with family or friends.
  • There should always be a second option ready. So ensure you have a backup plan ready if for any reason due to unforeseen circumstances things do not work out as expected.
  • It’s your birthday so do what you want to do and don’t try to please others! It will be you that remembers it and you that will be telling your grandchildren about it in years to come! Have a good one!

Overall I believe the 18th birthday is the larger of the two, or if not at the moment certainly in the future. This is simply due to the fact that an eighteen year old can legally drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, so what better time to party! 21st Birthdays still should be considered as special birthdays though, I would say they are more a reality check and final throw into the real world. Throughout your twenties you will encounter anything from jobs and loans to mortgages and children. 21 is your real chance to celebrate adulthood and put your youth years behind you.