I came across a rather interesting website earlier that I thought I had better share with you in case anyone is interested.

I have never heard of anything like it and to be honest I dont see how it could work, but nevertheless...

'Silent Arena' is a company that specialise in mobile discos, but these aren't any sort of disco.....they are silent discos! That's right, the idea is that everybody is issued their own set of wireless headphones as they walk through the doors allowing them to tune into the music whenever they want.

They also supply two DJ's playing seperate stuff and you can simply switch to the genre of your choice.

I cant begin to imagine how complicated it must be to chat to your friends or order a drink at the bar, but i'll let you make your own mind up and you never know, you might find them at your 18th party and have a wahle of a time!

Anyway, here is a link to Silent Arena and make sure you have a peek at one of their videos to see what it's all about.