18 Dares for your 18th Birthday

So you have finally turned 18, you can buy and drink alcohol, join the armed forces without parental permission, buy a house, get married vote, get a tattoo, buy cigarettes…

The list is endless, once you’ve hit 18 you are legally an adult; you can even buy a crossbow. So to celebrate this momentous occasion you should almost certainly have a party. And whilst in the words of noted poet Britney Spears you are not a girl, not yet a women why not mix the old with the new? And play a slightly more risqué version of a tween classic: Truth or Dare. 

  1. Sit on the lap of the person of your right for the rest of the game.
    Oh. So. Awkward.
  2. Empty the contents of your handbag
    This is for Girls only, but I would be mightily impressed if the only things hidden within the deep caverns of your bag were a purse and a mobile.
  3. Send to All
    Admittedly this was stolen from Michael McIntyre and his short lived live comedy show, but the resulting replies should be hilarity itself. Make sure you check the replies at regular interviews, anything from an ex-Girlfriend or old teacher should prove particularly entertaining.
  4. Strip Tease for 60 Seconds
    Handy Tip: If you are nervous go very very slow and remember to use jewellery and shoes as a time waster.  
  5. 60 second lap dance – person of your choice
    For the daring, choose your crush and for the nervous Nellies make it into a joke with your best friend.
  6. Put Lipstick on another player without using your hands
    Just pray somebody brought a makeup wipe for this particular option.
  7. Touch your nose with your tongue, if you are unable to do this you must touch another player’s nose with your tongue.
    Known as the Gorlin Sign, around 10% of people have this impressive, if slightly unusual, talent. If you get this dare, hopefully you are one of them!
  8. Give us your best snort
    Not really what Miss Manners taught, but hilarious nonetheless.
  9. Kiss the person to your left on the lips
    A very risky dare, but if you’re sitting next to your crush a worthwhile evening for all involved.  
  10. Take a shower with all your clothes on
    Hopefully your host will be kind enough to lend you some clean, dry garments for the rest of the evening.
  11. Take a shot of Ketchup
    Juvenile- perhaps. Hysterical – certainly.
  12. Say something dirty to the player on your right
    Hopefully the pressure won’t affect your ability to speak
  13. Keep an ice cube down your pants till it melts
    Amusing for everyone involved, except of course for the particular pair of pants involved.
  14. Do a plank for 30 seconds
    Close your eyes and think of England (and pray you’re not wearing a short skirt).
  15. Prank Call a Teacher
    Use a fake name, change your voice and pray your teacher has a sense of humour.
  16. Have the group Tickle your Feet
    We dare you not to laugh. No really.
  17. Bite into a lemon
    If you’re hard as nails you could even try eating the rind.
  18. Change your relationship status on Facebook to ‘engaged’
    The best till last, this is a classic. You will never have so many likes (well until you actually get engaged.)