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What Can I Do When I Am 18? | Your 18th Blog
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If you are now 18 or celebrating your 18th birthday soon, you have the following to look forward to (or in some cases the opposite).

If anyone can think of any more, please send them in to us:

  • Drink alcohol without a gaurdian
  • Vote
  • Go to bars
  • Gamble at the bookies
  • Play on slot machines
  • Visit strip clubs
  • Buy cigarettes and tobacco
  • Get a mortgage
  • Get married (marriage proposal ideas here)
  • Watch 18 rated movies
  • Work anywhere that serves alcohol
  • Get paid at least the national minimum wage
  • Make a will
  • Sign a contract
  • Change your name
  • Buy a house
  • Visit adult/sex shops
  • Be put in prison
  • Get sued
  • Take out a credit card
  • Change your next of kin
  • Go to university
  • Have a civil partnership without parents consent
  • Buy cutlery/tools/knives/aerosols
  • Join the army

The list goes on... You can do pretty much anything in the UK when you are 18 as it truly is the day you become an adult (by law).